Kaffee und Kuchen: A Very German Tradition

Great Britain has its Afternoon Tea, Sweden has Fika, Japan has its tea ceremonies and Germany has Kaffee und Kuchen. Put simply, Coffee and Cake.

Kaffee and Kuchen is as much a cultural experience as it is a culinary one. In Germany, the habit of meeting over coffee and something sweet was first established in the late 17th century. It has been a ritual that gathers family and friends over a leisurely mid-afternoon pause from the everyday grind ever since.

Not an experience to be rushed, Kaffee und Kuchen is about losing track of time for just a while and is a pastime enjoyed all over the country to this day – made possible and so accessible by the abundance of cafes and bakeries throughout Germany and Austria alike.

For a little slice of this German tradition in London, The Delaunay has introduced Kaffee und Kuchen every afternoon from 3-6.30pm. Coffee, hot chocolate or tea can be enjoyed alongside something sweet – either a Sachertorte with Whipped Cream, a slice of Apple & Cinnamon Studel or a slice of Raspberry Poppy Seed Cake. And all for £10.75.

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