Recipe: Salzburger Soufflé

A culinary speciality from Salzburg, this sweet soufflé has become an icon of Austrian cuisine since its invention in the early 17th century. Also known as Salzburger Nockerl, the three golden peaks of the dessert are said to represent the three hillsides surrounding the city centre; the dusting of powdered sugar resembling the snow-covered summits.

A firm Delaunay favourite, learn how to make it for yourself here. And what’s more – the version set out below is gluten-free.

Serves 2

For the gluten-free soufflé mix:

For 1 cup = 1 portion

50g rice flour
12.5g caster sugar
4 eggs yolks
40g milk
8ml lemon juice
6ml Grand Marnier
Zest of a quarter of an orange

1. Weigh rice flour and sugar into a bowl
2. Add the milk and whisk
3. Add the egg yolks to obtain a smooth mix
4. Finally add the zests, juice and alcohol. Mix well

For the accompanying apricot compote:

100g apricot frozen
50g apricot puree
50g pear puree
60g sugar
10ml Kirsch

1. Bring the apricots, the two purees and the sugar to the boil
2. Blend roughly with hand blender
3. Bring back to the boil and cook for a little while to thicken the compote
4. Add the kirsch
5. Set aside and stir on time to time to cool down

To serve:

5 fresh egg whites
6g egg white powder
38g sugar
150g gluten-free soufflé mix
150g apricot compote

1. Whip egg whites, egg white powder and sugar to soft peaks. Combine with the soufflé mix
2. Make 3 large tall quenelles in the copper oval pan. Shape with a palette knife
3. Bake at 180̊C for about 9 minutes
4. Sprinkle with Neige décor
5. To serve, pour the hot apricot compote in between the quenelles and around them

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